Village du Cros de Géorand (village)

Ms/Mrs Françoise Laurent

07510 Cros-de-Géorand

Telephone : 04 75 38 89 78

Telephone : 04 75 38 94 64

Fax : 04 75 37 52 64

Located in the heart of the Montagne Ardéchoise, le Cros de Géorand is a charming commune comprising le Cros de Géorand village as well as its hamlet, named La Palisse.

Nestled in the heart of the Tauron valley, le Cros de Géorand is a charming village of the "Montagne ardéchoise".
Counting around 200 inhabitants, the village covers 4400 acres (it is one of the largest villages of the area).
The principal tourist attractions in the area are: the dams of La Palisse and the Gage, the wind farm of La Tauleigne and the lava flows of the Loire gorges. Le Cros de Géorand is an historical city as it once was the kingdom of the Sires of Géorand. It is a village known for its peaceful and cosy environment and the beauty of its landscapes (pine tree woods, beech trees, meadows...).
Activities nearby: many hikes such as "le Sentier l'Eau et sa Force" (meaning, the water and its strength trail), trout fishing, rock climbing, river bathing and swimming, tennis, petanque...
The traditional and annual feast of the village takes place on August 15th and perpetuates a friendly and pleasant spirit.

Période d'ouverture

From 01/01 to 12/31.

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Visites guidées du village les mercredis à 10h30 en juillet et août (vacances scolaires)







Latitude : 44.793017

Longitude : 4.126409

Altitude : 1100 m

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